Welcome to Lemon Pro GIS

As a GIS developer, I want to spread the word and share information on the wonderful world of GIS (Geographic Information Systems).  Not only GIS, but web technology too. I enjoy making maps, building websites, improving websites, developing GIS applications, and well, all things involving the ever changing world of technology and mapping.  I got my start from listening to some guest speakers at my college. I was intrigued. Enough to become a Geography major and minor in Management Information Systems. Learning in school was great, but the thirst for knowledge lead me to investigating the internet and sharpening my programming skills. I wanted to make the stuff that makes maps.

I was able to land some good internships while in school. They all lead me in the right direction and I grew leaps and bounds. In fact, I would credit them with my current opportunities to work in this growing field.  Well if you have made it this far, good. Enjoy the website, I will post new information I find, review products, discover pitfalls, and challenge myself. I encourage you to do the same. Enjoy!

– Ed